Best 5 Robots You Can Buy Right Now

Long gone are the days when household robots only existed in movies and television shows. With the latest and greatest technological advances in modern times, robots are now a thing of the present and you can buy one immediately.

No, you wouldn’t be buying some giant, factory robot that was designed to complete one task and one task only, you’d be buying a friendly and easy-to-use companion robot that makes your day-to-day life easier.

Whether you’re looking for a robot to help around the house, take videos of awesome stunts or simply keep you company, read on to discover the best five robots that you can own right now.

Parrot Minidrones Jumping Sumo (aka Jumping Sumo)

Built for turning your environment into a giant playground, the Jumping Sumo can perform slaloms, chases, acrobatics and obstacle jumps all while filming or taking videos. Equipped with a wide-angle camera and two wheels, this roadster can cruise along at 4.5 mph and can jump over two and a half feet, which is pretty damn impressive.

The Jumping Sumo can be controlled by any smartphone or tablet device and comes with free software that makes doing so easier than ever.

WowWee MiP (aka MiP)

MiP is basically the iconic robot that you’d imagine being used in an older movie trying to depict the future and a world full of robots. It contains two wheels as support and reasons of mobility, with two arms and a head, detailed with big blue “eyes”. Essentially, it is an eight-inch-tall humanoid robot with six programmed modes; tricks, roam, track, dance, cage and stack.

MiP can be controlled by hand motion thanks to IR sensors within the bot, or by a mobile app for better control and additional capabilities.

WowWee CHiP Robot Dog (ChiP)

Another product form WowWee, ChiP the robotic dog is a great robot toy for anyone looking for all the companionship and attention of a dog, just without the mess. CHiP is an interactive robot that can be controlled by an included smartband, which also specifies to CHiP who his owner is, which controls his behavior towards the one wearing it.

He can be obedient and follow commands, as well as learn new tricks and become customized due to your reactions to his behavior. CHiP can also be controlled by a smartphone or tablet device, which gives you access to his movements and controls.

Orbotix Ollie

Made for fun and play, Ollie is a remote-controlled tube with removable rubber treads that can hit up to 14 mph. Equipped for usage at the skate park, the desert or even inside your house, Ollie can perform tricks, flips and spins all with the touch of your finger.

Controlled via Bluetooth, Ollie has a 30-meter range and can run for one hour before it must be recharged.


Tapia is a very sophisticated AI companion robot that aims to assist you with your day-to-day life. Able to provide you with alarms and notifications, weather reports, online purchases and finding that song you can’t get stuck out of your head but only know the chorus to, Tapia quickly becomes an essential to your daily habits.

If you want to learn more about robots you can buy, then check out the video below!