Here are 9 tips to have hot teen sex on the regular

As people age, you can tell that their dating life becomes more serious. Gone are the days of quickies with strangers and fuck buddies. They’ve turned to talk about 401ks and wedding rings. But what about those of us who are still young at heart? What about us who aren’t ready to settle down? What about us who wanna fuck?
Well, the best way to keep from clingy partners who are desperately trying to get you to put a ring on it, is to keep dating (and by dating I basically mean fucking) younger people. I find it best to stick to those who are 18, 19, or 20 in order to keep things casual. People who are around this age aren’t ready to get married and start a family, which is great for you since they’re not going to put any pressure on you to do that! They’re going to use you for your body and move along happily. Isn’t that what you want too?!
So don’t give up your one-night stands! Here are some tips on how to keep having hot teen sex for as long as possible!
1. Dating Apps
The youth love dating apps. While the older people gravitate more toward the EHarmonies of the internet, younger people are much more interested in silly dating apps like Bumble and Tinder.
They’re like a game. And in a way hooking up and casual sex are games in their own right. So it makes sense why teens would be attracted to teen fuck dates.
So get on them! I’d suggest casting your net wide as that gives you more of an opportunity to shoot your shot.
Make sure that you match with a lot of people and maintain a healthy amount of conversations with a few different people, that way you can always have someone who you can potentially meet up with if you’re feeling sexy.
2. Keg Parties
If you really want to get in with young people, I recommend going to house parties. If you’re into more youthful people, you should definitely hit up some keggers or house parties. Bars will have too many people who are too old. The only way you’re going to get lucky in a space like that is if people are getting in with fake ids.
Or you could try college bars! There are plenty of cheap bars that will essentially let anyone in so long as their ID is half-way passable.
Stick to where young people party and you’ll be sure to find someone to hook up with.
3. Twitter
If you don’t know else how to connect with younger people, then Twitter is your friend. Twitter attracts those who are into instant gratification and only have enough patience for a handful of characters. So this is where you should look for people.
The best way to get people interested in you is to slide into their DMs and throw them a few likes and retweets.
Twitter doesn’t have just to be a social media site, it can be a dating site too. That is if you want it to be!

These are the freakiest adult dating apps you need to try

Are you a freak? Is Tinder too vanilla for you? Are you looking for something a little wilder than Bumble? Well, I feel it. Everyone needs to walk on the wild side for once in your life and if you’re reading this it’s probably your moment to be freaky!
Sometimes a plain ol’ hook up isn’t for you. Sometimes you need something a little crazier. Maybe you’re in a relationship and you both have agreed you need to try something (or someone) new.
And you’re probably not going to find someone down for some freakiness on Tinder or Bumble (well, they might be but I doubt they’re going to put that they are in their bio)… so here are some of the freakiest adult dating apps you need to try ASAP!


1. Feeld
Are you and your partner looking for a third? Are you looking to be a third? Are you looking for something other than what might be considered vanilla? Then I definitely recommend Feeld.
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Feeld is like the upscale swinger club of dating apps. If you’re looking for a decent user experience, better premium perks, and open minded people then you absolutely need to download Feeld.
This site is going to introduce you to people who openly want something a little less than vanilla!
2. Whiplr
So, you want something that’s a little freakier? Is open-minded just not freaky enough of a label for you? Then you should download this app.
If you are new to the Kinky scene you may not have heard of Fetlife. Fetlife is the holy grail of kinky communities. But unfortunately, they don’t have an app (I guess the app store isn’t on board with nudes…).
So, there’s no app equivalent to Fetlife… however, Whiplr comes pretty close!
This location-based app will connect you with others on the app who are similarly kinky to you! Though there are some downsides to the app (in that it drains the hell out of your battery), it’s still the best kinky dating app you can get on mobile!
You can even connect with your Fetlife account if you have one!
Like Fetlife, Whiplr has some community aspect to it. But again, Fetlife is the best-est online community out there.
3. Grindr
Now, this is for all the gays out there (well, the gay men).
If you haven’t heard of Grindr, you must be fresh out of the closet because how could you not?
Grindr is the leading dating/hook up app for the gay community. While some people use it for dating, it’s mostly used for freaky and near immediate hook ups.
You’re going to catch a lot of very picky people on Grindr – which in reality is just people being openly racist and blaming it on preference – but you’re probably going to find one or two people who are down to hook up with you almost immediately. Hooking up off of an app can be freaky, but it’s even freakier when you can usually get someone to come over within the half hour… this is exactly what Grindr is meant for.

The Rise of Robots

It wasn’t long ago when robots were merely props in movies or television shows symbolizing the future and future possibilities in technology. Most of the time, these robots were merely household aids designed to cook you breakfast or clean around the house, such as in Flubber or Back to the Future II. That being said, no one expected the current rise of robots that aren’t just aiding us in household chores while we are away working at our job, but are instead taking those jobs away from us.

That’s right—you could possibly lose your job in the coming years not due to poor-skills or an injury or anything of that sort, but instead because of a robot. An analysis conducted by Price Waterhouse Cooper claims that up to 38 percent of U.S. jobs could be conducted by automated methods by 2030. 38 percent!

Another study, this one conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, focused on robots’ impact on the U.S. labor market between 1990 and 2007. While the results themselves are not pretty, it is even more worrisome that other studies on the same matter are being concluded with very similar, troubling results.

What the National Bureau of Economic Research discovered was that hundreds of thousands of jobs have been made obsolete due to automation methods in recent decades in the U.S. labor market. The data claims that one industrial robot was added to the labor market for every 1,000 employees between 1990 and 2007, creating that staggering job loss recently mentioned.

The worrisome fact behind all of this is that robots are only going to continue to improve—the technology and programs being used to build and control these robots are continuously advancing and there has never been more effort and focus in this field than ever before. It isn’t all bad news, though. Many of these automated robots are very beneficial and life improving, such as surgical robots. The da Vinci Surgical System, created by an American company called Intuitive Surgical, is a robotic surgical system designed to facilitate complex surgery. Due to it being controlled by an actual surgeon from a console, it does not totally eliminate surgeons, but it does make them less vital.

Another example of beneficial automated robots is unmanned aircrafts, or drones, used by the U.S. Army. While it is indeed a very controversial topic, it allows the men and women serving our country to fulfill their necessary duties without putting their lives at risk. Again, it is a very controversial topic, but it is a great example of how robots are able to improve the lives of those that they serve. So while robots continue to rise and continue to replace hard-working human beings, I’m afraid that this is only the beginning. While there is skepticism to whole thing, there’s a lot more scientific proof declaring otherwise. The future is here, and the future is made and produced by robots.

So while robots continue to rise and continue to replace hard-working human beings, I’m afraid that this is only the beginning. While there is skepticism to whole thing, there’s a lot more scientific proof declaring otherwise. The future is here, and the future is made and produced by robots.

Check out more about robots from the video below!